Charles Silber


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Dear Zhenya,
I just wanted to thank you again for taking the group in St. Petersburg.
They had a fabulous time, particularly on the day that you took them around.
I look forward to coming to St. Petersburg myself and finally meet you!
Best regards and Shabbat Shalom!

Harvey, Sima & Dawn; Israel


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Dear Eugenia
We thank you for the three wonderful tours you arranged for us it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Tatayane was excellant Anastasie and Helana were something special. The driver was the same for three days and he was great always with a big smile. Your tours were the best we have ever experianced and are great memories for us. You have been wonderful and it was so nice to meet you just wish it had been for longer to get to know you better, if you ever come to Israel please contact me as we would love to meet you again and I can show you around in Israel. We will highly recommend you to our friends.
P.S. You can use the for you website or send me a link you your reviews and I will write something on it.

Oliver Sanders


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Hi Eugenia,
We had a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday. Elena worked very hard to provide us with knowledge, anecdotes, humour and fun.

Alon Kaplan Advocate


Dear Zheniya
We are back home and miss you.
It was a wonderful trip.
Best regards

Gwen Hyman


Hi Eugenia,
Just wanted to thank you again for the really wonderful, wonderful tour of your beautiful city.
Our time with you was the best two days of our whole trip.
Andrew and I have been telling everybody about it, and we're already working on figuring out how and when we'll be back for a longer trip. We really appreciate your expertise and your hard work in putting together a tour for us--and your warmth and generosity of spirit, too. Hope all is well with you (and that you're enjoying this weekend at your summer house, away from your email!)
Please do let us know if you're going to be in our part of the world--we'd love to show you our New York.

Karen and Richard Mettel


Good morning, or good evening in your timezone,
We had a wonderful time with you, and we thank you for sharing your city with us. Moscow was very different, as you said it would be. We had beautiful weather there with the exception of one evening's stroll back from dinner in the rain. Otherwise we toured the Kremlin and marveled at having lunch in Red Square as a huge stage and speakers were being installed and tested by a rock band, for Independence Day celebrations. So amazing for us to see the contrast from the tanks that had been there decades ago!
Please let's keep in touch.
Kind regards,

Yosi& Avi; Haifa, Israel


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Dear Genia

Olga Stoian


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Dear Eugenia,
Thank you again for the great time you share with us in St Pete. We enjoy the time spent together and we are convince that you will have a great future.
We like our accommodations in St Pete and Moscow and I can highly recommended to our friends.
I hope we can stay in touch...
San Jose CA

Robert McHale


Thank you so much for the recommendation. Svetlana was absolutely terrific --- friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and highly accomodating! (She even gave us the best food and dessert recommendations!)
Catherine's Palace itself was also amazing --- particularly the Amber Room and outside garndens. We shall be visiting the fountains of the Peterhof on our own today. We are truly enjoying Russia!
The guide you also recommended in Moscow was likewise wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help! When we visit St. Petersburg again (which we surely will), I will definately be in cintact with you again.

Randy Norian


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Hello my dear guide from St. Petersburg!
You were our guide last winter for our tour of the Hermitage. I was just going through our
pictures, saw this and thought of you.
Do you know, I have been keeping up my little studies of the Russian language and even though I forget much of it, I keep running into Russians wherever I go-- and I can say my greetings and hellos, etc well enough that no one looks at me strangely or stomps on my foot.
We just spent a week in Dubai which was fascinating, if you ever get to the middle east it's worth a visit! And my friend's wife was from Belarus. Go figure!
My Ballerina girl is still studying and Nutcracker is around the corner again.. where has a year gone?
Anyway, I hope this finds you well and I wish you all the best. Thanks again for being such a great guide, it made our excursions much more enjoyable. Our excellent guide in Dubai was telling us how terribly lax the testing and requirements are over there (she wanted harder testing to keep out the riffraff) and I was reminded of your incredible depth of
knowledge on all things Russian. You are a star, for sure.
unfortunately, I can't spell well at all in Russian. so.. sivodobrova!

Pauline Barnard


Hi Jane,
I hope all your cruise trips went well and you are relaxing in the country with your cat. Our cat was very happy to see us (especially Steph) and has been well looked after while we were away.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you in St Petersburg. On reflection it was a rather 'grey' time to visit but we were amazed at the beautiful buildings we visited with you and enjoyed sharing some of your country's history. (Our Finnish friends had some queries about the story of Napoleon giving Finland away!) We loved the Traditional show that we saw, I think that was something special and we all enjoyed the food in St Petersburg and thank you for the recommendations about places to eat.Once again, thank you very much for your expertise during our visit. Please let us know if you ever come to Sydney, we would be honoured to meet you again.

Kenneth S. Kail & Ivy Hwang


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We returned from a seven day trip to St. Petersburg last weekend. We booked the trip almost a year ago to take advantage of airline miles. At the time, we researched guides through the TripAdvisor site, as well as other sites, and contacted a number of guides by email. Based upon their responses, and also a follow-up call with Eugenia Kempinsky, we decided to have Eugenia as our guide.
We certainly made an excellent choice!
Eugenia arranged a seven day itinerary for us that took in all the normal sites, several unusual ones (the Buddhist Temple and the Mosque), as well as obtaining advance tickets and making special reservations for the two Treasure Rooms at the Hermitage and the Amber Workshop at Catherine’s Palace. She had an excellent driver for the two days we needed a driver (Vladimir). He also picked us up at the airport, and deposited us back on the return. The car was a late model Toyota, which he cleaned inside and out before picking us up.
What makes Eugenia an excellent guide is not only the fact that she is knowledgeable, but that she listens. She picked up quickly on the things that we were interested in, and adjusted the tour accordingly. She seemingly knows everything about all the sites and artwork, and provided very informative and entertaining stories of the czars and their families. She has licenses to all sites we visited requiring an entrance fee. Her English is perfect. She researched quite a bit for us. Since the Buddhist Temple and the Mosque are not usual destinations, she read up on them beforehand to provide explanations. We were interested in customized nested dolls, so she found us a quality place, that seemed relatively less expensive. She found out that we like honey, and took us to the farmers market where we bought four types of the best honey we ever tasted. She also made excellent dinner recommendations. For lunch, she joined us and picked very good fast-food type places.
On the whole, we wouldn’t have wanted to change a thing about the trip. It was made one of the best trips that we have taken largely because of Eugenia.


10.04.18 The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors
The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors

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