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Grand Choral Synagogue


Discover cultural, religious and historical jewish heritage of Russia together with us. Touch the treasures of the past and get a chance to enjoy the modern achievements of outstanding Jews in Saint Petersburg today. Our experienced guide will devote you to a great number of unforgettable stories and will try to make your tour as beautiful and unique as possible.

We suggest you to spend the full day learning the history of St.Petersburg Jewish community and observing its present-day life.

We start the day with the tour of the Jewish history exhibition in the museum of Ethnography to see how our great-grandparents lived in the 19th century.

Then we drive through Kolomna district talking about the community life in the 18th and 19th century.

We look at the former mansions of the rich Jewish families - Ginsberg and Polyakov, then stop at the Theatre square with the oldest Russian school of music – Conservatoire established by Anton Rubinshtein - the esteemed Jewish composer and pianist.

We visit the Grand Choral Synagogue - one of the largest in Europe. Today around 100 000 Jews live in St. Petersburg and it is one of the most cohesive communities in the city. For most of them St. Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue is the place where they can meet, talk and celebrate religious feasts. Before opening the Grand Synagogue, first, the Small Synagogue was consecrated in 1886. Today the whole complex is one of the most meaningful memorials of Russia.

Then we have lunch in the Kosher restaurant «Le’chaim» located in the Synagogue.

After lunch we head to Petrogradskaya site (north of the city) to visit YESOD – St.Petersburg Jewish community center. We will have a chance to learn about different Jewish programs – for seniors, children, young Jews and understand the current situation in the Jewish community of North-West Russia.  

•Season: all year around
•Days: tour is not available on Saturday, Tuesday and last Friday of the month
•Duration: Approximately 7 hours
•Service: licensed guide, car/van with driver, Ethnography museum tickets without waiting in line

If you like the tour can be supplemented with the visit to the Jewish cemetery

This particular tour will give you an opportunity to get better understanding of jewish heritage of Russia and experience it in one of the most beautiful and majestic cities of the world. Join us on the way to discoveries and joy.

Jewish Cemetery


We invite you to visit the Jewish Cemetery in Petersburg. It was opened in 1875 as a Jewish section of Preobrazhenskoe Cemetery, organized by the city authorities for people of all religions. The Jewish Cemetery with a complex of buildings became the spiritual and cultural centre of the St. Petersburg Jewish community.

By its opening, a wooden preaching house for ablution and burial service was constructed. Many of the monuments were designed by famous architects. Among those buried here are railway entrepreneur and public figure S.S. Polyakov, publisher and Maecenas baron D.G. Ginzburg, sculptor M.M. Antokolsky, revolutionary V.K. Slutskaya, historian M.S. Altman, pianist A.N. Kobylyansky, architect M.A. Khidekel, founder of the Tuberculosis Institute A.Y. Sternberg. There are beds of honor for sailors of the Baltic Fleet, perished during the Great Patriotic War, and citizens who died in the Siege of Leningrad.

The greatest interest in the Jewish Cemetery Petersburg is given to the monuments of pre-revolutionary time. They are one of those rare striking illustrations of Jewish culture presented in Saint Petersburg in the second half of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries.

We highly recommend this tour if you are eager to know the Jewish history of the past.

•Season: May to October
•Days: due to the traffic situation in the city it is recommended to take this tour on the weekend
•Duration: Approximately 4 hours
•Service: licensed guide, car/van with driver

Jewish cemetery visit can be easily combined with any of the following tours - City tour, Leningrad Siege tour, Jewish Heritage and present-day life tour,
Jewish Heritage tour

Hermitage Diamond Room

Hermitage Diamond Room


The Diamond Room presents a significant collection of western European and Russian jewelry designed by the most prominent craftsmen of the time. Rings, pendants, watches, table decorations, snuff-boxes, fans, perfume bottles, rapiers … - the whole world of gold, enamels, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and diamonds.

You will see fabulous horsecloths - diplomatic gifts to Romanovs. Either of them is adorned with thousands of diamonds and other precious stones. They sparkle so bright that make you blind for a moment!

The archeological part of the collection impresses the visitors from all over the world with the unique Siberian Gold Collection assembled by Peter the Great dates from the 1st millennium B.C, the Scythian Gold of the 7th - 4th centuries BC and more.

You will see magnificent belt plates and clasps bearing scenes of animals fighting, torques and bracelets, often adorned with turquoises almost 4-5 thousand years old.

Tremendous beauty and delicacy of jewelry work of the Ancient Greek masters- the fabulous Theodosian earrings, and the world-famous golden ornaments of a Greek priestess.

•Season: all year around
•Days: the tour is not available on Monday
•Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
•Service: Diamond or Gold Room tickets and tour, licensed guide

Please note that the Hermitage Diamond or Gold Room tour can only be arranged together with the general Hermitage tour.


Lost during the Second World War the Amber Panels of the Catherine’s Palace had to be restored. For this purpose an actual amber workshop was set up near the former Imperial property. Now you are invited on an amber master conducted tour of the workshop, where besides the history of the Amber Chamber of the Palace you will get to know amber working techniques and types of this stone and see amber masters at work.

•Season: May to October
•Days: the tour is not available on Tuesday and the last Monday of the month
•Duration: Approximately 0.5 hours
•Service: Amber Workshop private tour, licensed guide

Please note that the Amber Workshop visit tour can only be arranged together with the Catherine’s palace tour.

Nicolas cottage


Next to the famous fountain gardens of Peterhof there is a less-known English-style park, named Alexandria after Alexandra Fedorovna, wife of NicholasI. We invite you to visit the private cottage of the royal family designed in the early 19th century by a Scottish architect Adam Menelaws. Design of the building combines seaside villa, Gothic castle and English farmhouse. It is one of the most charming, elegant and cozy palaces with a number of lovely decorative details. The palace’s interiors bear witness to the private tastes of Nicholas and Alexandra. Here you have a unique chance to feel the spirit of everyday life of the royal family!

•Season: all year around
•Days: the tour is not available on Monday
•Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
•Service: museum tickets without waiting in line, licensed guide

We recommend combining the visit to Nicolas I private cottage with the general tour to Peterhof Gardens.


It is not easy to keep your children interested in palaces and museums. We offer you nice family break. Spend a relaxing day in St.Petersburg and go beyond usual tourist routes.

We start the day walking to the farmer’s market to let you see and try some Russian food and may be pick up some fruits for the picnic.

Then we take a metro ride to Krestovsky Island to visit the biggest amusement park in St.Petersburg – Divo Ostrod  - ‘Wonder Island’. It is easy to spend two-three hours trying all different rides – carousels, extreme boosters, trampolines, roller coasters and so on. There are no tourists there so it is a wonderful chance to mix with locals, see how we live in Russia. A nice picnic or meal in the local café will make the day perfect.

•Season: May to October
•Duration: Approximately 5 hours
•Service: licensed guide

Yaroslav's Courtyard

Novgorod The Great


Full-day tour to Novgorod The Great is the unique opportunity to see ancient Russian city, which is almost 1150 years old now. In the old times it was called “His Majesty the Great Novgorod” and “Father of the Russian Towns”.

The town gave birth to a special kind of democracy – the Novgorod Republic which existed for about 400 years.

Even more - as far back as in the 30-s of the 11th century, by the will of the great Prince Yaroslav The Wise, the first public school to train children with writing, reading and counting was established.

Medieval Novgorod was one of the greatest art centers of Europe. Its architectural traditions, school of icon painting, jeweler's and decorative applied art became famous all over the world.

 The city is situated in the North-West of Russia, 200 km away from St. Petersburg (2.5 hours by coach).

During the tour you will see all important sights of Novgorod The Great: the Kremlin with St. Sophia's Cathedral  - the oldest church in the territory of Russia, Yaroslav's Courtyard with its unique “bush” of churches designed in 12-16 centuries, the open-air architectural-ethnographic museum "Vitoslavlitsy", which provides a whole complex of genuine folk wooden architecture and Yuriev Monastery. 

•Season: all year around
•Duration: Approximately 10-12 hours
•Service: car/van with driver, licensed guide



10.04.18 The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors
The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors

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