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Here you can find some useful information on where to stay and dine in St.Petersburg. Please feel free to request any other advice how to get ready for the Russian journey!

Where to stay

Visiting St.Petersburg you will spend most of your time touring or walking around. The city is huge and the most important is to find an accommodation in the true center of the city. There is quite a choice of hotels of all types here.

I list here the hotels that I can recommend for the good location, attentive service and comfortable rooms.



All four mentioned hotels are perfectly located right in the very center of the city. All offer good service, comfortable rooms and tasty breakfast. Each hotel has its own character and can become your St.Petersburg home.



1. Astoria www thehotelastoria  com

2. Grand Hotel Europe www  grandhoteleurope com

3. Corinthia Nevsky Palace Hotel www corinthia ru

4. Kempinski Moika 22 www kempinski com/stpetersburg





These hotels are also located in the city center no more than 15-20 min walk from the Hermitage and Palace Square. All four are known for the good balance of the price and quality.



1. Angleterre  Hotel www angleterrehotel com

2. Petro Palace Hotel www petropalacehotel com

3. Helvetia Hotel & Suites www helvetiahotel ru/en

4. Renaissance Baltic Hotel www Marriott com/hotels/travel/ledbr-renaissance-st-petersburg-baltic-hotel



A mini hotel is rather modern trend in St.Petersburg. The majority of mini hotels have from 5 to 15 rooms of various comforts. The biggest ones count up to 30 rooms. Most of them occupy one or two floors in the historical buildings in the city center. They are clean, cozy and comfortable. Usually visitors enjoy such advantages of mini hotels as really personal approach to each guest and of course the lower price tag. My favorite are:


1. Pushka Inn  www pushka-inn com

2. Comfort Hotel www comfort-hotel org

3. The chain of mini-hotels ‘Hotel on Nevsky Group’ – www hon ru/en/

4. Alexander House www a-house ru

5. Casa Leto http casaleto com



Private apartments.


Last years many visitors enjoy staying in private apartments. They are located right in the city center and offer more privacy, are more comfortable and are less expensive than hotels in the center of St.Petersburg. There are couple of agencies that I have personal successful experience with these two.


1. Pulford serviced apartments www pulford com

2. City Realty Russia www cityrealtyrussia com



Where to eat.

There are thousands of restaurants offering all different types of cuisine in St.Petersburg – Russian and Ukranian, Italian and French, Spanish and Mexican, Fusion, Chinese and Japanese.

Most of the restaurants located in the center of the city offer menu in English.

I list here the places which I like personally and where I stop for lunch or dinner.

Let’s begin with Kosher restaurants. There are two of them:

   Le’ Chaim restaurant. It is located in Grand Choral Synagogue of St.Petersburg. “Le’chaim” is a Kosher leMehadrin restaurant, where the food preparation process meets all the standards prescribed by Jewish religious law. All Kashrut issues are under the personal supervision of R. Menachem-Mendel Pewzner, Chief Rabbi of Saint-Petersburg. On offer is traditional Jewish, or, to be more precise, Ashkenazik cuisine. At the same time, as the restaurant’s head-cook, Vlad Nadezhdin, has years of experience working in Israel, the restaurant menu also includes a number of Israeli dishes. Table reservation 7 (812) 572-56-16

    Seven Forty restaurant. Another kosher restaurant of St.Petersburg. Lovely atmosphere and delicious food makes it popular among locals and travelers. Location – Bolshoj Sampsonievsky prospect, 108 Table reservation +7 812 492-34-44



Lunch cafes:

1. Famous Russian fast-food chainTeremok’ – excellent choice of the traditional Russian blinis with different fillings. You find cafes with this name all around the city even on the main street Nevsky prospect

2. Another great lunch place – pie-shop ‘Stolle’. A vast selection of tasty pies with meat, mushrooms, fish, berries and fruits.



Russian and Ukranian cuisine restaurants:

1. Teplo – ‘teplo’ means warmth. And yes, it is a warm place. You come into an atmosphere of someone’s private apartment. Home-style food. Definitely the best mushroom soup in the city. Location – Bolshaya Morskaya, 45 table reservation at +7 812 570-19-74

2. Khutor Vodograi - hospitable, tasty place. Location – Karavannaya street, 2 Table reservation +7 812 570-57-37

3. Tsarwww tsar-project ru/en Elegant restaurant, lovely light music, perfectly cooked Beef-Stroganof.


International cuisine:

1. Terrasa www terrassa ru/en - the best view and the best food. I could have come there every day easily.

2. Canvas and Oil – the restaurant is located near the Palace Square in the historical building. Nice place to relax after the long walk. Location – Bolshaya Morskaya, 4. Table reservation +7 812 570 40 69

3. Mama Roma – Italian restaurant in the center of ‘Northern Venice’. Location – Malaya Konushennaya, 4 Table reservation +7 812 571-50-78

4. Shater (‘Tent’) –pink and light green colors, soft sofas, relaxing atmosphere. Location- Italian street, 2. Table reservation +7 812 943-32-00


Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaidjan cuisine:

1. Aragvi – my favorite Georgian restaurant. You should try ‘khachapuri’ (Georgian hot bread with cheese) there. It is delicious! Location – Fontanka, 9 Table reservation         +7 812 570-56-43

2. Kavkaz Bar Another good place to eat shashlyk. Location  - Karavannaya, 18 Table reservation +7 812 312-16-65

3. Erivan Excellent Armenian food. Probably the best trout in the city. Location – Fontanka, 51 Table reservation +7 812 703-38-20


10.04.18 The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors
The new Modern Art Museum ‘Erarta’ welcomes the visitors

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